Product  Introduction

Universal self-service terminal, suitable for Kenid full-line desktop printers.KENID 8800P medical self- service terminal has


▇New rounded corner design

More convenient maintenance structure

▇More stable electronic components

▇More coordinated overall appearance

Films and reports are in the same outlet to prevent patients from missing out

▇Perfect lighting tips

▇32-inch toughened glass screen, improve the grade

Product advantages

1. The films and the reports are in the same outlet, which prevents the patient from missing his own film or report.

2. Adopt more stable PC components and report printer, make the machine operation stable during hospital use.

3. Adopt the appearance of ATM and self-service machines in railway stations to ensure that patients understand how to use the self-service machines when they see them.

4.The self-service terminal has a user-friendly interface, warm voice tips and clear text reminder.

5. Stable hardware of self-service terminal, reasonable structure of metal plate and humanization design. High satisfaction during hospital use.

Through the application of KND8800P, it mainly optimizes the business process of the hospital, improves the daily operation efficiency and service quality of the hospital, effectively solves the current situation of crowded queues in the radiology departments of major hospitals. Creates a convenient and new experience for medical consultation, meanwhile, give the best solutions for the hospital environment .

 Printing process of Self-service Terminal 
图片1 打印流程 英文.png

Five major module upgradessoftware

1.Self-service terminal software

aProvides more stable terminal software.

2.Server core architecture and business logic

aCovers more than 95% of hospital business logic requirements

3.Server management (OCR configuration, printing logic management, department management, etc.)

aProvide a powerful OCR intelligent identification solution

bCustomized print logic to provide different print logic solutions

cProvide powerful statistical functions, etc.

4.Background managementWeb page management-not subject to hardware constraints,Geographical position constraint,winform for management——actively push

Double-guarantee of the management end, more stable and efficient.

5. Report management (virtual report PDF/interface)

a) Provide a variety of ways to receive reports to meet the needs of different hospitals

Kenid 8800P specification

 Machine parameters

Resolution ratio320dpi/508dpi

Grayscale contrast resolution14bit

Films sizes8×10"、10×12"、11×14"、14×17

Numbers and capacity of cassettes2 Tray×100 sheets

Output speed14×17films 60sheets/hour, 8×10films 80 sheets/hour

Report printer performance parameters

Resolution ratio600×600dpi

Report sizesA4A5B516K

Output colorblack and white

Output speed12ppm

Input and output

Power supplyAC220V

Data transmission10/100Base- EthernetRJ-45

32 inch display screen

Barcode gun

Optional accessories

Remote keypad

Three-in-one card reader

Identification module for ID card 


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